cocos2d for iPhone v0.5.2 released

I’ve just released cocos2d for iPhone v0.5.2.


  • All: assign [super init] to self (issue #61)
  • Documentation: Add AUTHORS file with the cocos2d’s contributors (issue #62)
  • CocosNode: added tags (getByTag, removeByTag) (issue #52)
  • CocosNode: fixed big memory leak (issue #67)
  • Director: able to remove event enabled nodes (issue #56)
  • Director: can be hidden / unhidden (issue #55)
  • License: Explicit paragraphs that allows cocos2d + closed source projects (issue #57)
  • MenuItemImage: able to modify inner sprites (issue #58)
  • OpenGLSupport: added PowerVR Texture Compression (PVRTC) format support (issue #66)
  • Transitions: don’t flicker (issue #60)

Download: cocos2d-iphone-0.5.2.tar.gz

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