LevelSVG 2.4 released

LevelSVG v2.4 (2010-06-01) has just been released.

  • Added Portal object: it teleports the Hero
  • BodyNodes can receive custom parameters from the SVG file
  • Enemies are able to patrol

Full Changelog:

  • [NEW] BodyNodes: Can receive parameters from the SVG file
  • [NEW] BodyNodes: Enemy supports “patrolTime” and “patrolSpeed” parameter
  • [NEW] BodyNodes: MovingPlatform supports “direction” parameter
  • [NEW] BodyNodes: Portal, new node. Teleports the hero. Supports “MoveToX” and “moveToY” parameter.
  • [NEW] BodyNodes: Platform1 supports “visible” parameter
  • [NEW] Levels: Level4 has 2 portals, and the Enemies patrol the zone
  • [FIX] BodyNodes: Bullet is responsible for doing anti-gravity
  • [FIX] BodyNodes: Removed Elevator (replaced by MovingPlatform with parameters)
  • [FIX] BodyNodes: Removed Platform1Invisible (replaced by Platform1 with parameters)
  • [FIX] BodyNodes: KinematicNode knows nothing about actions and sprites
  • [FIX] GameNode: Removed responsibility for doing anti-gravity in Bullet
  • [FIX] Xcode: ‘distribution’ verifies product
  • [FIX] Xcode: thumb2 enabled in ARMv7 devices
  • [3RD] cocos2d: uses cocos2d v0.99.3
You can download the manual from here:

If you have bought LevelSVG, you should have received an email with the download link. If you have not yet received it, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send it to you. Thanks.

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