Sapus Tongue v2.3 released

Sapus Tongue Source Code v2.3 (2010-08-02) has been released.

HiScores iPad version


  • Added 2 ways to autorotate the screen: UIKit version and cocos2d version
  • iPad version supports autorotate

Full  Changelog

  • [NEW] CreditsNode: Works both on iPad and iPhone
  • [NEW] GameHUD: Displays the keyboard / text input rotated or not depending on the EAGLView rotate mode.
  • [NEW] HighScoreNode: On iPad it displays a nicer and bigger background. The UIKit view is rotated or not depending on the EAGLView rotate mode.
  • [NEW] InstructionsNode: Displays the MoviePlayer rotated or not depending on the EAGLView autorotate mode
  • [NEW] RootViewController: handles the autorotation. It can rotate the EAGLView using the “UIKit” mode or the cocos2d mode. iPad uses UIKit mode.
  • [NEW] SapusConfig.h: A file that contains the Sapus Tongue Configuration
  • [FIX] MainMenuNode: Fixed crash when Adview delegate is triggered after the AdViewController is removed
  • [FIX] All: uses the new CCSpriteBatchNode class instead of CCSpriteSheet class
  • [FIX] AppDelegate: added applicationWillTerminate callback
  • [FIX] AppDelegate: applicationDidEnterBackground & Foreground: stops & stars the animation
  • [3RD] cocos2d: updated to v0.99.5-beta from (2010-08-02)

If you have bought the Premium or Updates source code package, you should have received an email with the download link. If you have not yet received it, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send it to you. Thanks.

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