Sapus Tongue 3.2 with Universal Binaries

Sapus Tongue 3.2 has been released.


  • Universal binaries both for Lite and non-Lite versions

Changelog from v3.1:

  • [NEW] SapusTongue: is a Universal binary (iPad + iPhone)
  • [NEW] SapusTongue-Lite: is a Universal binary too (Added iPad scenes like BuyNode)
  • [NEW] SapusTongueHD: Removed projected. Merged with SapusTongue in a universal binary
  • [NEW] iPad Helper: Added helper function to obtain the correct file on iPad: stConverToiPadOniPad()
  • [NEW] SapusTongue/Lite: Added missing icons (iPad, Retina Display, Spotlight)
  • [NEW] SapusConfig: Uses autorotation with UIViewController only on ARMv7 devices. Don’t autorotate in ARMv6 devices.
  • [FIX] GameNode: ST_DRAW_SHAPES draw the shapes over the images
  • [FIX] InstructionsNode: Fix crash on iOS 3.x devices when trying to remove the status bar
  • [FIX] RootViewController: Fix crash when trying to adjust the viewController on iOS < 4.1
  • [FIX] SapusTongueAppDelegate: fixed initial flicker
  • [FIX] SapusTongue: Added UIInterfaceOrientation in plist file
  • [3RD] cocos2d: uses cocos2d / CocosDenshion v0.99.5-rc1 + fixes

To order or renew Sapus Tongue source code, please visit this page: Sapus Tongue Source Code page

If you have bought the Premium or Updates source code package, you should have received an email with the download link. If you have not yet received it, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send it to you. Thanks.

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