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NEW IN VERSION 4.4: Added cocos2d 2.1-beta3-pre, Chipmunk 6.1.1 and iOS 6 support. It is an open source project now.

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Comparison Chart
Features Basic Updates Premium
NEW VERSION from 2012-10-01
Sapus Tongue and Sapus Tongue Lite v4.4 source code: 

  • Basic game scenes:
  • Intro scene
  • Menu scene
  • Instructions scene
  • HighScore scene
  • Select Character scene
  • Game + Game HUD scene
  • Credits Scene
  • Sound support that has pause/resume/play/stop (uses CocosDenshion sound engine)
  • Local and global high score code: SQLite, cocos Live and more
  • Transitions and code that prevents delays in transitions
  • Chipmunk integration: optimizations, tuning, debug mode, etc.
  • Accelerometer as input
  • UIKit integration: UITable, UIKeyboard, UIAlert and more
  • Code that embeds and play a video file
  • Gameplay with pause, restart options
  • Menus & buttons
  • Parallax Scrolling, Tile Map and LabelAtlas
  • Sprites and Sprite Sheets
  • Loading bar
  • Lots of documented tips
  • The sources are in objective-c and they are easy to read.
  • Compatible with SDK 3.x and 4.x
  • iPhone / iPad: Universal binaries. One binary runs both on iPhone and iPad
  • Mac: Includes the Mac version
  • iAd: Lite version uses iAd if iOS >= 4.0
  • Game Center: Lite and non-Lite uses Game Center if iOS >= 4.1
  • Lite and non-Lite share the same Xcode project
  • Mac version has its own Xcode project
  • Very useful as a skeleton
yes yes yes

  • Includes cocos2d for iPhone 2.1-beta3-pre
  • Includes CocosDenshion (sound engine)
  • Includes Chipmunk v6.1.1
  • Includes CCNotifications
yes yes yes

  • Includes needed image files like .png and .jpeg files plus the .xcf files (GIMP files)
  • Includes needed audio files: .mp3 and .caf files
yes yes yes

  • All needed files to compile and run the game:
  • xcode project
  • plist files
  • etc.
yes yes yes
Source code updates: 

  • Receive source code updates for 6 months
no yes yes
Source code support: 

  • Ask questions regarding the code & design of Sapus Tongue for 6 months
  • Ask questions regarding the upgrade to a new cocos2d version for 6 months
  • Expect an answer within 48 hours
no no yes
Renew Table
Features Basic Updates Premium
Renew the “Updates” or “Premium” license for another 6 months

Reasons to buy the Source Code

  • You will accelerate your development time from a few days to several weeks depending on your development experience
  • You are helping me further develop cocos2d for iPhone. (My current income consists solely of donations and of the sale of these sources)
  • You will learn how to build a game for iPhone, iPad and Mac!
  • You will learn how to use cocos2d, cocos Live and Chipmunk in your game
  • You will learn how to integrate iAd in your game
  • You will learn how to have a Lite and a non-lite products in the same project
  • Sapus Tongue is a real iPhone game, it is not just an example!
  • Sapus Tongue is my 6th iPhone game and it includes all the tips that I’ve learnt during these years
  • Sapus Tongue was coded in very professional way, with a clean design, with readable code, with quality in mind
  • Sapus Tongue uses all the major features of cocos2d for iPhone: Tile Maps, Labels, Parallax Scrolling, Sprites, Sprite Sheets, Actions, Transitions, Menus and more
  • Sapus Tongue has an average of 4.63 stars in the App Store

Why do you need the ‘Basic’ package ?

Because you will gain lots of days, probably weeks of work.
Remember that the Sapus Tongue code is an excellent skeleton for your game. You can reuse all the code that you want as many times as you want.
You can code your own game in a few days!

Why do you need the ‘Premium’ package ?

  • Because you can ask anything related to source code. You will learn a lot by asking things that you might not understand regarding the source code and the design of Sapus Tongue.
  • Because you can ask anything related to the upgrade to a new cocos2d version.
  • Because you will receive code updates. Sapus Tongue is where I test all the new cocos2d for iPhone features.

Try Sapus Tongue

  • Sapus TongueTry Sapus Tongue ($0.99)
  • Sapus TongueTry Sapus Tongue Lite (free)
  • Sapus TongueTry Sapus Tongue for Mac: (free)

For further info about Sapus Tongue (the game), please visit Sapus Tongue Game Homepage

Sapus Tongue Source Code License

It is a royalty free license. You can do:

  • You are able to modify and/or use the source code of Sapus Tongue & Sapus Tongue Lite in your project
  • You can use it in as many games as you want

You cannot do:

  • Sources: You cannot redistribute the Sapus Tongue / Sapus Tongue Lite sources without prior authorization except parts that are free to redistribute like cocos2d and Chipmunk.
  • Idea: You are not allowed to use the same idea of Sapus Tongue. You can’t use the sources to make a clone of Sapus Tongue.
  • Music: You cannot use any of the included .mp3 or .caf file in your game.
  • Art: you cannot use any of the included image files in your game without prior authorization.

Questions valid for the Support service

  • Questions that are related to the design & code of Sapus Tongue

Example of supported questions:

  • Why are you calling XXX instead of YYY in GameNode.m ?
  • Why the HUD is separated from the game ?
  • Why did you use a TileMap instead of a big image ?
  • From where did you obtain the ActiveHash values to initialize Chipmunk ?
  • Why are you delaying the initialization of XXX ?
  • I’ve upgraded my game to cocos2d v0.99.0rc and it doesn’t compile anymore. What should I change in my game to make it compile again ?

Example of non-supported questions:

  • I want to do XXX for my game, how do I do it ?
  • But you can ask them in the cocos2d for iPhone forum.

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