NEW VERSION from 2012-10-05. Open Source version. Download it from here.

LevelSVG is a map level editor specialized in platform and labyrinth games.

Main features:

  • Supports SVG files generated by Inkscape
  • SVG elements supported: rectangle, circle, line/move, bezier paths and nested transformations
  • Collision detection logic
  • Jump logic (the hero only jumps when he is touching the ground)
  • Customize physics properties from the editor: isSensor, density, friction, restitution, fixedRotation and type
  • Includes pre-defined physics objects like: spinner, one-sided platforms, moving platforms, ground, hero, princess, enemy, hole, portal, car, top down car, chain, ladder and more!
  • Very easy to extend and/or modify the list of pre-defined physics objects.
  • Very easy to link physics objects with cocos2d sprites
  • Supports Tilt and D-Pad controls
  • Documented and easy to read source code
  • Includes a manual that explains how to create levels using Inkscape
  • Includes examples to use in real games: TMX Tiled maps, Spritesheets, collision detection, lives, points, circular hero levels (like Rolando), boxed hero level (like MarioBros)
  • The hero is able to move, jump, climb and shoot
  • All examples run at 60 FPS on a iPod Touch 2nd gen
  • Includes a HUD that displays lives and points
  • Includes cocos2d v1.1-beta and Box2d 2.2.1
  • Supports universal binary: iPad and iPhone compatible

LevelSVG manual: LevelSVG-manual-v0.8.pdf

LevelSVG Tod Down car

LevelSVG Level 5

Example video:

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